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Make Money Online Writing for TextBroker
Textbroker has an interesting pay structure when compared to other sites.  When you first apply to be a writer there (don’t worry, everyone is accepted) you will have to write a short essay so they can determine how to rank your writing.  You will be evaluated on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being the least best and 5 being the best.  I was ranked at a level of 4 if that tells you anything.  This ranking level means that you will be able to compete for better paying jobs.  Level five jobs pay very well, but they are scarce. 
Textbroker is another program that will pay you for your writing.  Unlike the majority of the revenue sharing programs on the internet, you will earn a flat commission for the articles you write.   While many writers will be turned off because you can’t earn residual income, this is still a decent way to make money online.  In this regard, Textbroker is similar to Constant Content, but does not pay nearly as well.
Pay Structure:
Pay by the Word
With Textbroker you will be paid by the word, but this does not mean that you can simply submit a couple 10,000 word articles and walk away with a ton of money.  You need to stay within the lines of the customer’s request.  If you can whip up a decent 400 word article in about 15 minutes, Textbroker is a good place to write.  You will earn about $5 for every level 4 article you write. 

Referral Program
Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a referral program for Textbroker, unless I am simply missing it.  This does not mean Textbroker isn’t worth joining.  It just won’t pay too much to promote it. 
Final Thoughts
Textbroker is a good program if you are able to pump out articles of decent quality in little time.  You won’t make much per article, so you shouldn’t spend too much time on them.  Try to shoot for 20 minutes per article to earn a good rate.  If this isn’t possible, then you should think about a different avenue, like Constant Content.

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