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Make Money Online with Shutterstock
Shutterstock is the pinnacle of all the microstock sites on the internet.  They pay well, 25 cents per download, and they have a huge customer base that will bargain for your photos.  Although I have yet to use Shutterstock, here is what I have learned about it.

Shutterstock is very hard to get into.  They require a submission of 10 photographs as a resume of sorts.  If they feel that 7 of those 10 photos are of high enough quality, you will be accepted to the program.  You are able to apply as many times as you need to but the process can take a while.  So if you are new, it may be better to hone your skills at other microstock sites before submitting to Shutterstock.

Keys to Success on Shutterstock

Making money on Shutterstock is truly residual income.  You will upload your photos and every month you will receive payment for them.  Therefore, it would be wise to upload as many quality
photos as you can.

In order to get your photography sold you
will need to get it out to as many buyers as
possible.  This means you will need to
properly use keywords.  Shutterstock
allows you to use 80 keywords to describe
your picture and you should try to use them

Don't feel like you can't join sites like Fotolia, Dreamstime, and IstockPhoto too.  You should join as many as possible to make the most out of your photography.

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