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Opinion Outpost- Paid Online Surveys
Opinion Outpost

Up until now I have been touting CashCrate as the best GPT survey site on the net, up until now...

When it boils down to it, Opinion Outpost is the better site for taking surveys.  If you want to make money online with surveys, this is the place to go.

When you sign up, you will need to fill out some initial surveys so that they can determine which targeted surveys to send you.  It is important to fill these surveys out diligently and accurately to increase the amount of paid online surveys that they send you.  Here comes the great part.

On other survey sites, the average pay is around $.80 per survey and they take about an hour to complete.  Opinion Outpost pays $2.00 per survey and they only take 15 minutes to complete.  The surveys take less time because of the information you filled out when you signed up.  But wait there's more...

That was an infomercial joke, but there actually is more.  If you don't qualify for a survey, which happens relatively often, you are eligible to enter in for the $750 sweepstakes, $50 instant win, or you can donate a little to charity.  They don't need to do this, but it is a nice consolation prize for not being able to complete the survey.

Referral Program

The only thing about Opinion Outpost that isn't so great is their referral program.  If you refer a friend, you will be paid $2 after they complete their first survey.  The reality behind this is that most people never complete their first survey, so you won't earn much.  There is another option to their referral program though, the affiliate program.  You will earn $1 for every person that signs up.  This isn't as good as the Cash Crate program, but it is ok.  This is why Opinion Outpost is able to pay so much for their surveys, because they pay less for marketing.

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